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Care Guide

Care Guide

All La Perla garments have been crafted with longevity in mind. See our helpful guides on specific fabric care, to ensure your pieces remain at their finest.

From Frastaglio to Leavers Lace, take a closer look at the traditional needlework and signature lace-making techniques that transform every piece that we create for you into something truly exceptional.

Leavers Lace

Named after the looms that are used to create it, this incredibly fine and intricately patterned lace is the world’s most precious and treasured. Thanks to its high thread count it’s also surprisingly durable, giving it a blend of beauty and function that makes it perfect to be a La Perla signature.

Chantilly Lace

Valenciennes Lace


A technique that draws upon the skills of our most experienced artisans, it uses ribbons of silk or lycra that are lovingly and meticulously stitched into beautiful patterns to elevate our most sophisticated lingerie and swimwear.



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